Tours in Valencia

Customised small-group tours – flexible days and times to suit your schedule.

Welcome to Cubik Travel tours!

We offer personal walking and bike tours of the city of Valencia that are shaped to the preferences of you, the customer. We only take one group at a time so you can decide exactly what you want to see and ask as many questions as you like!

Whether you want to learn about Valencia’s exciting history and see its wonderful architecture or visit somewhere more unusual such as El Carmen’s street art, it is completely up to you!

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Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides. Choice of English, Spanish and Italian languages.

About our tours:

  • Usually take about 2 hours however this is flexible to suit your needs.
  • You can take a tour on any day of the week – morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Our guides are local enthusiasts who take pride in showing people around their city with extensive knowledge of Valencia’s sights and history.
  • See somewhere more unusual – amazing street art, the unique ´cat house´ and the last existing part of the historic city wall.
  • Tips on sightseeing, events happening and places to eat & drink to help you make the most of your Valencian experience!
  • Choose a walking tour or a bike tour.
  • Tours available in English, Spanish and Italian.
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See something unique and different.

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Info & Reservations:
Tel & Whatsapp:   +34 655 144 440